Cycling & walking

Camping Zwinderen is located on the edge of the authentic Drenthe village of Zwinderen. Beautiful Saxonian farms stand around the ancient green, it seems as if time has stood still here.

From the campsite there are many possibilities for making cycling and walking trips. For example, through the nearby Boswachterij Gees or the Klencke estate. We have a number of routes for you to borrow.

Forrest Gees πŸ”—

Discover Forest Gees, a quiet part of Drenthe for wonderful walking and cycling. With deciduous trees, ponds, moors and the largest boulder of the province.

De Klencke πŸ”—

The Klencke is a rare and complete ensemble of manor, farms, stream valley, forests, fields and heath. It is a good example of the Drenthe esdorpen landscape and a Drenthe estate with a great cultural-historical value.


Monument Village Orvelte πŸ”—

In the lively monument village of Orvelte – where people still live and work – you will experience history for yourself. Join us on a journey and experience Orvelte yourself!

Open Air Museum Ellert and Brammert πŸ”—

The open-air museum shows the living and residents of Drenthe in the past in various ways. The “plaggenhut” takes a central place here. This is the most primitive housing. The common thread throughout the museum shows an increasingly ‘modern’ habitation.

Hunebedcentrum Borger πŸ”—

Take the “Hunebed Highway” and visit the Hunebed Center in Borger. The center on the “Drentse Hondsrug” puts you on the trail to prehistory. To the time when the first farmers settled in Drenthe. These farmers built the impressive dolmen monuments, the remains of which can still be admired in the landscape of Drenthe. There are still 54 and the largest is right next to the center.

Veenpark Barger-Compascuum πŸ”—

See, discover, do and learn in the largest museum in the Netherlands. From a village of turf huts to village life in the peat.

Discover the Veenpark by steam train, or how about a trip by peat ship? There is a large new playground for children and a digital treasure hunt for the whole family, from large to small. Fun and educational!

Camp Westerbork remembrance center πŸ”—

Life in the camp is told in the Camp Westerbork Memorial Center. Original film footage from 1944, a partially decorated barrack, a last farewell greeting ejected from the train, a large scale model of the camp, a drawing of children playing and many other presentations provide an image and a sense of this expressive past.


The Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark πŸ”—

Discover the hotspots in the Hondsrug area, the most special places where you can see and experience everything. Dolmens, medieval churches, the archaeological reserve, beautiful villages, a castle, beautiful nature reserves and much more ….

Adventurous Gees Safari Tour πŸ”—

A breathtaking adventure in a landrover around Gees, the Geeserstroom, the Mepperhooilanden; a beautiful stream valley landscape with meanders, forest and fields.

For the children

Wildlands Adventure ZOO πŸ”—

Meet the elephant family and climb via rope bridges high through the jungle between the monkeys. Take a spectacular ride in the roller coaster and meet the two lion cubs. Admire the playful antics of the sea lions and polar bears. Come to WILDLANDS and make a world trip in one day.

Plopsa indoor Coevorden πŸ”—

Indoor fun in Plopsa Indoor Coevorden! Be enchanted by the magical world of Studio 100 and experience an unforgettable day in the most beautiful indoor amusement park in the Netherlands!

Slagharen amusement park πŸ”—

Discover the Wild West of the Netherlands in Attraction and Holiday Park Slagharen. Experience a fantastic adventure as a cowboy or Indian in more than 30 exciting attractions and stunning shows!